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  Manu Rewal
I have been making films professionally since 1991.
  I have worked with very limited budgets, yet have competed with the best in the world and have won awards regularly.

An architectural film requires not only a good film culture, but also a solid architectural culture.  One has to understand and feel architecture, in order to do justice to it cinematically.


Working in fiction has always been my dream.

During my student days in Paris, I attended a famous theater workshop directed by members of the Actor's Studio for five years, while completing my film making course at the Sorbonne University. In New York University, I participated in a fiction set during the civil rights mvement in  the 60s.

I have also been using fiction elements whenever possible in my architectural documentaries ( see Mandu ).
Hollywood ki Pukar, a 12 minutes short I made, was shown at the Cannes film festival 2002, in the “ Global Eyes ” section of the Director's fortnight. 
Chai Pani etc ( 92 minutes) was my first feature film.

I am currently working on my second feature film.

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