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The city of Joy

In 1401 AD, Dilawar Khan Ghori created an independent kingdom called the Malwa Sultanate, the capital of which was Mandu, in central India. Hoshang Shah's tomb, an acknowledged influence for the designers of the Taj Mahal, the great mosque of Mandu, the Jain Kalpa Sutra, the Boostan manuscript and the Baobab Trees are some of the marvels seen in this film. But, it is in the merging of water and landscape with architecture that the beauty of Mandu's conception lies. This is explored in the royal palace complex - the zenana, the Jal Mahal and the highly innovative Jahaz Mahal. The Jahaz Mahal's relationship with the two lakes , its halls and pavillions, its hava ghars on the roof terrace, and its two amazing swimming pools, are shown in detail. The more classical architecture of the last Sultan Baz Bahadur's palace, is then delved into - its lake, swimming pool, courtyards and typical Mandu pavillion. Baz Bahadur and Rupmati's tragic love story is also evoked as we discover Rupmati's pavilion at sunset.

The images of the buildings are intercut with sequences associating miniature paintings and manuscripts with dialogues and sound effects, meant to evoke the ambience and life that might have existed in these places. Classical North Indian music, Sufi and Jain hymns as well as Persian classical music have been used to accompany the images.



1. Certificate of Honorary Mention : Columbus Film Festival, Ohio, USA.
2. Prix Information Architecturale :UNESCO Film Festival on art and education, Paris.

31 minutes


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